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What's Happening?

Welcome to the property owners' association in Bent Tree, a residential subdivision in northern El Paso County, Colorado, three miles east of Monument.  Please use the links in the yellow banner above to explore the information.

The Bent Tree Property Owners Association (BTPOA for short) is operated by Bent Tree residents volunteering from their homes.  We do not have a physical office with a street address.  The mailing address is P.O. Box 2631, Monument, CO, 80132-2631.

If at any time a person draws conclusions from this web site (www.btpoa.net and all of its directories and pages) that differ from the association's official documents (Bylaws, Declarations of Protective Covenants, Rules and Regulations, etc.), then those documents prevail over the web site, and the webmaster should be notified where wording needs to be changed. 

This web site provides a range of information and who to contact for more.  Unanswered matters of general concern may be referred to Greg Davis, President, Board of Directors, gregedavis@btpoa.net

Suggestions for improvement of this web site are welcome and may be referred to any director of the association or to the webmaster, Steve Fuhrmann, 719-488-0544, stevefuhrmann@btpoa.net.

(Free Adobe pdf reader for Portable Document Format (pdf) files in this website.)


Outcomes from BTPOA Annual Budget Meeting 2/12/14:
 - 2014 Balance Sheet and Budget approved.
 - John Heiser resigned.  John and Francy will be leaving the community to travel and relocate.  John received tributes from BTPOA members and friends, as well as a standing ovation.  Thank you, John, for your service to Bent Tree.
 - Chuck Loeffler elected as Director to fill the remainder of John's term (through September 2015).

The Board of Directors elected the following officers after the Budget Meeting:
 - President:  Greg Davis (was John Heiser)
 - Vice President:  Patrick Quinlan (no change)
 - Secretary:  Deb Guillan (no change)
 - Treasurer:  Matt Dunston (was John Heiser)

The next scheduled meeting for full membership is the Annual Meeting on 9/17/14, evening.

The annual tree inspection by Colorado State Forest Service will be during the week of 4/14/14, weather permitting.

The Board of Directors adopted Version 12 of the Rules and Regulations on 1/12/14:
 - Clean Version 12
 - Red-line Version 12 shows changes.
The Rules and Regulations, along with other BTPOA governing documents,  may always be viewed at About BTPOA after removed from this What's Happening bulletin.